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United Code is a team working on a wide range of business areas, from innovation development to advertising strategies, centered on music production. We additionally perform creator management such as lyricist, composer, arranger,player and master production. We take pride in the cooperative relationship our network of creators from top quality industries throughout Japan. We bridge the gap between musical talents, Asian musicians, songwriters, composers, arrangers, creators, engineers, music producers, researchers and many more. We also create cutting-edge music labs that accelerate the creation of innovative businesses.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

What We Do

Music Production

We collaborate with a variety of creators in fields including music, video and IT Content, with an emphasis on the highest-quality entertainment. We currently service Hong Kong, Manila, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand for production and contribution to the development of entertainment throughout Asia. (Countries listed as originally scheduled — more countries planned.)

We also support creator activity, event planning, and management, as well as manage creator support such as promoting to the media.

Our development of human resources assists people looking to enter the entertainment industry in the US and Europe.

Our services are not limited to consumer content, but also for experimentation and general enjoyment. We create and present masterful content, not only for creators but also for entertainment consumers. We will raise the international bar of art and entertainment.



More freedom means more vitality towards your ideals; There are plenty of musicians / creators who want to continue performing while pursuing multiple creative activities. We provide musicians / creators with a “long-term value” by allowing artists to realize their vision of what they want to convey to customers. Our marketing includes music market analysis and activity strategies, media strategies, communication strategies and more. We provide support aimed at giving the best creator value. In particular, we offer opportunities to learn directly from experts in the field, such as leaders from the heart of the world’s music industries, companies well-known for planning and managing concerts for many years, professional lawyers in music contracts, and recording engineers. We will always create your “long-term value” from a comprehensive perspective. And we will also raise the level of “interest” throughout Asia by teaching this perspective in seminars and schools.


We want to innovate in the music industry with blockchains. We will develop a system in which revenue is instantly distributed to each party through smart contracts that reflect the producer / rights-holder’s information, contract details and more. Every time we manage a song we utilize a blockchain and purchase. Like art, it creates new artistic value for music that can be freely priced and managed by all rights-holders. The entertainment industry and the technology industry drive the new music era into the digital era — including copyright management issues, through partnerships with people who have a wealth of experience in the music and technology industries, as well as external organizations such as with entrepreneurs.

We will break through any current situation and aim for a fusion of music and technology. We also strive to analyze and study music with a scientific approach. As sound specialists, we believe that there is always a way to make life richer by making better use of appealing sounds for the general public. We are convinced that when a variety of elements in scientific analyses and research work together, we can provide a truly satisfying listener experience. We believe that with the right sound marketing we can give companies greater benefits, by giving customers the chance to experience modern sound supported by cutting-edge science.

Founder of  United Code Limited

Eiichi Saeki

Composer / Arranger / MusicProducer

Our mission is based on the concept of breaking down borders, blurring the line between the social hierarchies that exist between nationalities, gender, ideology and wealth, by creating a new and free movement, fueled by the desire to provide the world’s highest quality entertainment, as well as open the door for better opportunities and better music innovation  for users throughout Asia and the world.

Born on December 10th.In 2006, after independently moving to the United Kingdom, Eiichi began working with music professionally by directing music in various film productions and fashion shows.
His other works include composing and arranging music for the televised commercial for SHISEIDO IBUKI (aired in the U.S.A and Europe), the theme song for Nippon TV’s 60th Anniversary commemorative theatrical play Sanada Ten Braves, the PlayStation Award 2012, the mixed martial arts event RIZIN, and also composing and arranging music for major music artists. Whether he is under the name as the individual artist, The PBJ, or as a part of the music production team, LCA Creative Service, Eiichi is continuously expanding his productions as a new age track-maker throughout the local industry in Japan, and also on a global scale.
In recent years, he have received requests for a variety of styles, which has proactively expanded my field of production.
Progressively pursuing music with the highest entertainment value, Eiichi aspires to be becoming a cutting-edge music artist.

Our team


Yuki Kitagami

Co-Founder & COO/Guitarist


Hiroki Kinami

Creative Director/Drummer


Kodo Maeda



Ryo Takaki



Takahiro Okamoto


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